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Mobile ink-jet pen prints with or without contact even on irregular surfaces. Packages include software and USB cables. Set up to 40 characters in one line. Press the red button as you move the pen to print. The typeface widens or narrows with speed.

Battery gives you up to 10,000 prints, 60 day standby. Warranty 12 months.

Cartridge up to 15,000 prints per cartridge (uses standard HP ink cartridge)

NB: Ink will only dry on absorbent surfaces (paper, card etc)




Hair and Beauty


Speed-i-Jet 798



Speed-i-Jet 798
Code speed-i-jet 798





    Electronic Stamp Electronic Stamp
Jetstamp 790 - Time Dates Numbers and Text
Jetstamp 790
Jetstamp 791 - As 790 but with PC control
  Jetstamp 791



Electronic Stamp

Electronic Stamp

Jetstamp 792 - As 790 with permanent power (low volt lead)
Jetstamp 792

Jetstamp 792MP - For Metals and Plastics
  Jetstamp 792MP
Electronic Stamp Electronic Stamp
Jetstamp 790e - For stamping eggs (battery powered)
Jetstamp 790e
Jetstamp 792e - For stamping eggs (mains powered)
  Jetstamp 792e
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